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Part-Time Seamstress

Newark, CA (near Newpark Mall)

Posting Date:  Nov 18, 2018


Seamstress/Tailoring Assistant

Part-Time; Hourly


If “sewing and customer smile” pair well for you, then we may have the job for you! Said with Threads, LLC, a modest sewing and embroidery shop in Newark, CA, is looking for an experienced, part-time seamstress to perform clothing alterations, customer fittings, and overall assistance on sewing projects at our shop. If your 5 years (or more) of sewing experience has brought joy to both you and your customers, we would love to meet with you. The seamstress position is 15-25 hours/week about 5 days per week. Please send us your resume and cover letter to We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Said with Threads’ primary service is garment alterations. The seamstress will utilize his/her sewing skills to perform clothing alterations and mending. This includes, but not limited to hemming, performing size changes, replace zippers/buttons/decorations, performing gown preparation for tailor (remove stitching and rip out seams), assist tailor with fitting measurements and alteration marks, steaming/ironing and/or garment readiness for customer pick-up. All of the sewing work will be performed at the sewing machines in the shop production area. Customer greeting and interaction, both in person and on phone, will be performed as needed.



•          Command of English language

•          Sewing Experience – Minimum of 5 years

•          Sewing Knowledge (Knowledge of stitching types, sewing terms, fabric types, needle types, and thread tension, etc.)

•          Operation of Electric Sewing Machine and Serger (Adept with basic sewing functions) and basic sewing tools.

•          Use of Steam Iron

•          Propensity to safety

•          Can lift 30 lbs.

•          Can walk, stand, sit, and lift with ease, and move about easily in small spaces.

•          Have own transportation



•          Customer service orientation.

•          Attention to Detail

•          Use and apply mathematical principals

•          Demonstrated knowledge on Requirements above.

•          Basic troubleshooting skills on electric sewing machine malfunctions

•          Prides self on finished product and high integrity.

•          Basic office and computer usage skills, including Excel, email, answering phones



•          Reports to Master Tailor



Said with Threads, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse work environment.

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